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1. Type of technology 
Dry collection. 

2. Contaminants which can be removed 
Dusts in general. 

3. Emission limits possible 
Collection efficiency up to 95%. 

4. Description of the equipment and/or process 
As the name suggests, these are dust collectors made up of various cyclones in parallel. They have been designed for handling heavy flows without the cyclone units assuming prohibitive dimensions. 
The multicyclones consist of a certain number, sometimes very high, of small diameter collection units, arranged in parallel according to widely differing technical and design solutions. The use of small diameter units allows obtaining high settling efficiencies, because the efficiency increases as the diameter of the unit decreases, when all other conditions remain the same. . 
The limitations in this case are: too high dust concentrations in the air which could create problems of plugging, higher installations costs as compared with normal cyclones owing to the difficulty in manufacturing this type of equipment. The latter reason discourages its use as pre-cleaner but only as single dust collectors. 
In this case, the field of application is considerably restricted and is limited almost exclusively to problems of collecting non-abrasive particles present in not too high concentration, with specific gravity over 300 kg/m3 and with not too fine particles (over 10 micron). 
Advantages offered are: 
1) low pressure drop (approx. 80 mm H2O); 
2) no maintenance cost; 
3) very low running cost; 
4) average cost of the equipment. 

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