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1. Type of tehcnoloy 

2. Description of the equipment and/or process 
Stripping is the Chemistry tecnology consists to remove, through the steam o air flow, a gas solute in a liquid. 
The stripping process is usualy applied in towers, the liquid to treat goes into the tower through the head. 
The gas goes into the tower through the bottom. 
Inside the tower is placed the packing that offers hight specific surface, the flows (liquid from the head and gas from the bottom) intersect each other on packing, so the phases exchange to effect. 
Usualy the stripping is applied to remove the ammonya compounds from the water. 

Wet collectors or scrubbers represent the oldest and simplest system of cleaning a contaminated airborne flow. 
The principle of operation consists in conveying the contaminated air into a chamber. Inside this chamber, thanks to suitable and widely differing technologies, an intimate contact takes place between the air and a certain quantity of water so that contaminants are transferred from the air into the water to the extent as to allow direct discharge of the air into the atmosphere with contaminant concentration within the allowable limits for the cleaned air. 

3. Example of application 
Now we will describe a typical application of stripping tecnology and absorpion tecnology apllied together. 
The specific case is a plant that represents an intermediate step of a treatment water plant. 
The purpose of plant is to remove ammonia from the water flow through the stripping tecnology and subsequently to recover ammonia in a scrubber tower. 
It obtains so a quantity of water with ammonya dissolves inside, ofcourse the concentration of ammonia is highter that the concentration into the water flow native. 

3.1 Working description 
The working is the following: 
The water to depur go into the stripping tower and runs through it from the head to the bottom, across the paking placed inside. 
A fan blows the air flow at the tower bottom, the air air runs through the tower from th bottom to head and go across the same packing where there is an intimate contact with the water. 
The water is discharged from the bottom of the tower. 
The air goes out from the head of the tower and immediately go into the scrubber tower. 
Inside the scrubber tower there is the hight specific surface packing. 
Inside the scrubber tower there is a loop of water flow and H2SO4, the water remove the ammonya from the air. 
The purified gas goes out from the scrubber tower, a part goes across the chimney and another part go back to the input stripping tower. 
The plant has an automatic timer system to discharge a part of the water. 

3.2 System datasheet 
water flow to treat: 6000 kg/h 
temperature water flow: 20 °C 
pollutant: ammonia 
pollutant concentration: 1000 mg/liter 
pollutant concentration after stripping tower: 30 mg/liter of NH3 
water pH: 12 
stripping air flow: 27000 m3/h 
temperature air flow: 0-35 °C 
loop air flow: 17000 m3/h 
air flow emission: 10000 m3/h 

3.3 Building data sheet 

Stripping towers 
height tower: 10554 mm 
tower material: AISI316 
tank material: AISI316 

Scrubber towers 
height tower: 7910 mm 
tower material: polipropylene 
tank material: polipropylene 

type: centrifugal fan 
model: MP110TT 
air flow: 25150 Nm3/h 
operative pressure: 350 mmCA 
impeller material: AISI316 
volute material: polipropylene 

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