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Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan Centrifugal fan

All our centrifugal fans are built to cover very widely different industrial applications in the field of ventilation, exhaust, pneumatic conveying, supplying mechanical draught for fumes and air conditioning.
Apart from the high-pressure types, the fans are designed and dimensioned for a low speed of rotation in order to offer maximum silence in running and a longer working life of all moving parts.
Maximum performance levels reach over 200,000 m3/h in air flow capacity with pressures available up to 10,000 Pa (1000 mm H2O).
These fans are normally of carbon steel or stainless steel (AISI 316/304) construction; however on request they can be made of other special metal materials, resistant to corrosion or high temperatures.

The fan manufacturer requires to know certain essential data in order to be able to supply machines suitable for the functions expected from them, namely:

a. Effective air flow (m3) to be handled in unit time (h) by the fan.
b. Temperature (°C) of the gaseous flow exhausted
c. Total pressure required (Pa or mm H2O) to overcome all the pressure drops of the circuit concerned.
d. Type and density of the gaseous flow with details regarding toxic, abrasive, explosive and corrosive contaminants.
e. Fan configuration with details regarding direction of rotation, position of discharge, radial or backward-curve blades, size of exhaust and delivery ducts, etc.
f. Details concerning type of drive (direct or belt drive), horizontal or vertical shaft position, type of motor, etc.

a. Brief description of the application or work for which the fan is to be used.
b. Environmental conditions where the fan is installed; e.g. humidity and atmospheric contaminants
c. Continuous or intermittent duty, number of start-ups per day, work shifts, etc.
d. Details concerning standards or specification to be met by the fan, voltage, guards, place where it is to be installed.
e. Design details such as anchorage for isolation, vibrating-damping supports, etc.
f. Any assembly or foundations instructions prescribed.

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